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SAILFACTORY – the workshop for mesh tramp since 2004.

Snufferbags and boat covers produced in Sweden.

In our shop we offer

– mesh tramps

– tramp covers

– and further products

suitably for all kind of beachcatamarans of the marks HOBIE CAT, TORNADO, TOPCAT, DART, A-CAT, PRINDLE, NACRA, KL TONIC and VENTILO and others.

We process only materials tested in practical applications of considerable companies.

Our high quality products are all customized productions (no original of products of the boat manufacturer / not class legal in races ).

We are therefore in the position, to convert the special customer conceptions and modifications directly.

Profit also from our more than 30 years experience in catsailing.

We invite you, to look around and get first impressions.

If you can’t find your catamaran in the shop, we provide your personally offer.

Our swedish website: https://www.sailfactory.se/

Contact us by @mail: info@sailfactory.com